NAC on Tour Dungeness 29/11/14

28 anglers ventured down to the hallowed shingle of Dungeness with high expectations of catching some decent size cod particularly after hearing a double figure had been landed a couple of days before.
After managing to squeeze everybody’s gear on we set off for a 5 hour journey, with plenty of banter the time soon passed.
When we arrived it became clear after speaking to the local bait supplier and a running report from a few already fishing that there would be a few whiting around, that was an understatement.
The point was already full so headed round to the power station, everyone managed to find a spot and it was on with the pennels and the live bait rigs then it started, ting, ting ,ting, for 11 hours, it did not stop. Didn’t mater what bait, what rigs, what distance, in some cases you where bringing in more fish than you had hooks on.
14 of us had entered in to a friendly wager on most sizeable fish caught, myself and a few others gave up towards the end so I don’t have all the cards and some don’t have names on but the top three where,
1st Dean Conway 28 fish 9lb 5oz.
2nd Eamonn finch 28 fish 8lb 7oz
3rd Pete hansel 26 fish 7lb 12oz
A trophy kindly donated by Floor It ( me ) was up for grabs for the biggest fish, it was won by Chris Clare with a 58cm dogfish, 1 of only 2 caught, the other by Dean Conway, a 54cm.
Other species where dabs, pouting, weaver and Steve smith managed a small bass.
The coach arrived at 10am to pick us up, “finally it was over”. Within half hour most where fast asleep having nightmares about whiting, when we awoke a couple off hours later we found we where not where we was supposed to be in fact we hadn’t even made the motorway, the drivers sat nav thought we hadn’t suffered enough.
Stopped at birchanger for a fag break, bite to eat and a sponsored coach push lol. Got back around 5pm.
Thanks to everyone for making it a very memorable and successful 1st N.A.C on tour trip. Here’s looking forward to the next one.

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