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NAC Report Mundesley 31/11/14

Mundesley 01/12/2014

7 anglers turned up to have a go on the sand. Poor turn out due to dungie trip being a long one but a few where brave to come have a go anyway. Sea looked good and was a pleasent evening all round. After the first half hour a shout came down from Richard of Cod but we all believed it to be a joke. Till on the beach came a sizable codling. About an hour later he did it again. A few undersize whiting were pulled in but Richard struck again with a decent whiting on the card meant no one could catch him giving him top spot with 3 fish for 3lb dead. Second place came to Andy who on his last cast brought in a 40cm Bass giving him 1 fish for 1lb 5oz. In third was John Ritchie with 2 fish for 12oz 2/3. Although there wasn’t many fish caught it was a good night anyway. Next week is Gorleston hope to see you there.

1st Richard Hipperson (30 points)
2nd Andrew Turk (29 points)
3rd John Ritchie (28 points)

Everyone else 5 points
Kimberley Lawn
Simon Bone
Russell Taylor
Robin E

NAC on Tour Dungeness 29/11/14

28 anglers ventured down to the hallowed shingle of Dungeness with high expectations of catching some decent size cod particularly after hearing a double figure had been landed a couple of days before.
After managing to squeeze everybody’s gear on we set off for a 5 hour journey, with plenty of banter the time soon passed.
When we arrived it became clear after speaking to the local bait supplier and a running report from a few already fishing that there would be a few whiting around, that was an understatement.
The point was already full so headed round to the power station, everyone managed to find a spot and it was on with the pennels and the live bait rigs then it started, ting, ting ,ting, for 11 hours, it did not stop. Didn’t mater what bait, what rigs, what distance, in some cases you where bringing in more fish than you had hooks on.
14 of us had entered in to a friendly wager on most sizeable fish caught, myself and a few others gave up towards the end so I don’t have all the cards and some don’t have names on but the top three where,
1st Dean Conway 28 fish 9lb 5oz.
2nd Eamonn finch 28 fish 8lb 7oz
3rd Pete hansel 26 fish 7lb 12oz
A trophy kindly donated by Floor It ( me ) was up for grabs for the biggest fish, it was won by Chris Clare with a 58cm dogfish, 1 of only 2 caught, the other by Dean Conway, a 54cm.
Other species where dabs, pouting, weaver and Steve smith managed a small bass.
The coach arrived at 10am to pick us up, “finally it was over”. Within half hour most where fast asleep having nightmares about whiting, when we awoke a couple off hours later we found we where not where we was supposed to be in fact we hadn’t even made the motorway, the drivers sat nav thought we hadn’t suffered enough.
Stopped at birchanger for a fag break, bite to eat and a sponsored coach push lol. Got back around 5pm.
Thanks to everyone for making it a very memorable and successful 1st N.A.C on tour trip. Here’s looking forward to the next one.

NAC Report Salthouse 24/11/14

Monday League Salthouse 24/11/14
There was 18 anglers who decided to have a go and see if they could find better fish than the dreaded pin whiting.With a chill in the air and ice on rod bags by the time we packed up we had hoped for a good nights fishing. But yes you’ve guessed it, the pins where there in force but this time they were joined by some sizable dabs meaning most of us managed to card a fish. Taking 3rd place was Simon Bone with 6 fish for 1lb 15oz1/3. In second place was John Ritchie with 2lb 4oz and the ever consistent Russell Taylor taking top spot honours with 7 fish for 2lb 12oz 1/3. Would like to mention as well was nice to see some new faces hope to see you again. Well done to our Junior Adam Molloy who managed to out fish his dad!! Next week we will be at Mundesley hope to see you there if you can manage it after the NAC Tour De Dungie!!!

1st Russell Taylor (30 points)
2nd John Ritchie (29 points)
3rd Simon Bone (28 points)
4th Paul Rickard (27 points)
5th Eamon Finch (26 points)
6th Robin E (25 points)
7th Lee Watkins (24points)
8th Adam Molloy (23 points)
9th Peter Hansell (22 points)
10th Richard Craske (21 points)
11th Iain Molloy (20 points)
12th Andy Turk(19 points)
12th Hamish (19 points)
14thCharlie Needham (18 points)
15th Richard Hipperson (17 points)
16th Kimberley Lawn (16 points)
17th Gary Moore (15 points)

5 points
Mike Ranson

NAC Report Old High 10/11/14

10/11/14 old high sheringham

Another great turn out for Norfolk angling club with 23 anglers with one new member Gary Ormondy we all made the long walk across the golf course on which was a lovely mild night .
From the off everybody was catching undersize whiting plus the odd dab with lots off sizeable whiting and dabs in them .
what a great night it turned out to be with 155 sizeable fish being caught and returned .
On the podium was one of the youngest member off the club Daniel Brown with 22 fish for 5lb 1oz 2/3 second spot went to Leon Smith with 14 fish 4lb 12oz 2/3 third spot was Lee Watkin with 11 fish for 4lb 7oz 1/3.
Everybody enjoyed the evenings fish with 22 anglers carding and a big well done to Gary Ormondy for carding on his first match with the club .
Next week’s match is at Bacton meet at cast a ways for 6pm fish from 7 pm
book in at the shop before Sunday if bait is required.
On another note the nac on tour to dungie trip we have a coach booked so if not confirmed please contact the shop as spaces are filling fast it’s on the 29th Nov.

full results
1 Daniel Brown 30pts
2 Lee Watkin 29pts
3 Leon Smith 28pts
4 Andy Bray 27pts
5 Robin E. 26pts
6 Gary Moore 25pts
7 Russell Taylor 24pts
8 Eamon Finch 23pts
9 Dene Conway 22pts
10Charlie Needham 21pts
11 Steveo Johnstone 20pts
12 Richard Chapman 19pts
13 John Ritchie 18pts
14 Simon Bone 17pts
15 Ian Lambert 16pts
16 Peter Hansell 15pts
17 Steve Smith 14pts
18 Ian Molloy 13pts
19 Mark Batson 12pts
20 Andy Turk 11pts
21 Gary Ormondy 10pts

Mark Aston 5pts


PLEASE NOTE ON checking adding up on cards Lee Watkin is now in 2nd place at this match and Leon in third points will be reflected in league table.


NAC Report South Beach Yarmouth 3/11/14

3/11/14 South Beach Gt.Yarmouth

A first time venue for many of the club, and tonight actually feeling more like Novembmer ,15 of us set out , pegging was behind the pleasure park to the left from the main walkway through to the beach.
Although a further drive to this venue everyone was setup and ready to go with 15 minutes or so to spare.

Frustration soon set in as we were plagued by hordes of whiting but the majority only measured 25 to 26cm so no carding, it became a battle to work out what bait and what distance found the better sized fish and it was Simon Bone on peg 1 who used the end peg advantage well managing to find 8 sizeable fish for 2lb 11oz giving him top rod honours, up the other end it was Peter Hansell on peg 15 with 6 fish for 2lb 1 1/3oz also using end peg advantage well. 3rd place podium spot went to Steve Smith on peg 10 who managed 6 fish for 2lb 2/3oz.

Most managed to find a sizeable fish but for those that didn’t it was very frustrating, hopefully the next match at south beach will produce the bigger whiting and codling. Well done to all who attended, next weeks match is back at the Old High, please book in early via the shop and any bait orders to be in by close of play saturday.
1 Simone Bone        30pts
2 Peter hansell      29pts
3 Steve Smith        28pts
4 Gary Moore         27pts
5 Dene Conway.       26pts
6 Russell Taylor     25pts
7 Andy Bray          24pts
8 Mike Ranson        23pts
8 Steveo Johnstone   23pts
10 Lee Watkin        21pts
11 Mark Batson       20pts
12 Richard Hipperson 19pts
13 Richard Craske    18pts
Everyone else to receive 5 pts

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