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NAC Report Sheringham Old High 27/10/14

Another great turnout for the Norfolk Angling Club with 23 anglers braving the “ferocious cold october night”, more like a summer evening across the old high at sheringham.

From the off there were fish for the majority, lots of undersize dabs and whiting and a few surprise catches along the way.

With 130 sizeable fish being caught and returned the results at the end took a while longer than normal,once all sorted 3rd place and a first time podium spot went to Robin E. with 9 fish for 3lb 12oz well done to him, 2nd place went to Peter Hansell who is no stranger to podium positions and he managed 10 fish for 4lb 2 1/3oz, top rod on the night went to our rising junior star Daniel Brown with 16 fish including a codling and a big flounder giving him 1st place with 7lb 8oz, so very well done to him.

Everyone enjoyed the evenings fishing with no one blanking for a change, Simon Bone managed to add to his species list with a nice 43cm dogfish a first for him and some big pouts were also caught along with a few 30cm+ dabs. A cracking night had by all, next weeks match is an away venue at South Beach yarmouth (details to follow) this venue normally produces lots of fish at this time of year and would be a good venue for everyone to experience, usual meeting ime and rules apply.

On another note the NAC on tour to Dungie trip now has 16 confirmed anglers going , we are now looking at a coach so we all travel together, if anyone else wishes to come along on the 29th please check the NAC events and register your interest, non members also welcome.

Full results

1  Daniel Brown      30pts
2  Peter Hansell     29pts
3  Robin E.          28pts
4  Richard Craske    27pts
5  Mark Batson       26pts
6  Leon Smith        25pts
7  Ian Lambert       24pts
8  Steve Smith       23pts
9  Andy Bray         22pts
10 Gary Moore        21pts
10 Charlie Needham   21pts
12 Andy Turk         19pts
12 Lee watkin        19pts
14 Dean Gibson       17pts
15 Shane Brown       16pts
16 Dene Conway       15pts
17 Eamon Finch       14pts
17 Simon Bone        14pts
19 Nigel Spencer     12pts
20 Russell Taylor    11pts
21 Steveo Johstone   10pts
22 John Ritchie       9pts
23 Jacob              8pts

NAC Report Walcott 21/10/14


20 anglers attended the latest Norfolk Angling Club match, fishing was at Walcott on what seemed like a summers evening , all pegs were to the left of the bend and everyone was keen to get back into the fish after the last few weeks of bad weather.

From the off plenty of fish were coming ashore with many undersized making it frustrating but fun all the same.

It was Iain Molloy who was showing his consisitency managing to find 5 sizeable fish for 1lb 12oz taking the third place podium spot he was knocked into third place by 1/3 of an ounce after young Daniel Brown with a scream of excitement landed a cracking sole of 34cm to go with his other two fish, giving him 2nd place overall with 3 fish for 1lb 12 1/3oz.
First place went to Dene Conway who managed 8 sizeable fish 2lb 11 1/3oz. All in all a very enjoyable evening in good company with 38 sizeable fish caught and returned
Well done to all who attended next week is at the Old High

1 Dene Conway      30pts
2 Daniel Brown     29pts
3 Iain Molloy      28pts
4 Charlie Needham  27pts
5 Robin E.         26pts
6 Russell Taylor   25pts
7 Maurice Page     24pts
7 Leon Smith       24pts
9 Kelvin Smith     22pts
10 Shane Brown     21pts
11 Adam Molloy     20pts
12 Andrew Turk     19pts
12 Peter Hansell   19pts
12 Simon Bone      19pts

Everyone else to receive 5 pts

NAC Report Salthouse 13/10/14

12 anglers braved the poor weather in the hope that the rough up had brought in the Bass. Well we were wrong. It only brought in tons of red weed. So much so there is no results as we all blanked. But hey ho we went and we tried!!

Thanks for turning up and having a laugh anyway. Next week is on the sand at Walcott. Hope to see you there!!

5points to all who fished.
Kimberley Lawn
Simon Bone
Russell Taylor
Steve Smith
Lewis Smith
Paul Rickard
Richard Hipperson
Shane Brown
Andrew Turk
Dean James Gibson
Mark Batson
Mike Ranson

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