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NAC Salthouse 29/9/14 Sea Fishing Report

Another excellent turnout for the Norfolk Angling Club with 23 anglers heading across the shingle, fishing Salthouse left and right of what once was a carpark.
With gin clear water and flat calm conditions we all knew it would be a hard match and fish would be scarce, the evening itself was shrouded in a mist but the temperature was warm enough for t shirts until about 9pm a fantastic evening to spend with likeminded people on a beach in the hope of catching a few fish.

Most of the 23 managed to find undersize dabs and flounders including new member Daniel Eagle  had over 9 undersize fish, and also missed a couple of good probable bass bites.

Rumours started to filter along the beach that a bass or two had been caught and several sizeable, dabs and flounders. Taking top spot and a first time win for him was Russell Taylor with a 40cm bass for 1lb 5oz, 2nd place went to Iain Molloy who managed to winkle out 3 fish including a 30cm flounder for  1lb 3 1/3oz and 3rd place went to Charlie Needham who while sorting his birdsnest out came under surprise attack from a 37cm bass giving him 1 fish for 1lb 1oz.
In all 16 sizeable fish were caught and returned  and 12 angler failed to record a sizeable fish.

Next weeks match is an away one and it would be great to see everyone making the effort to try Gorleston out car sharing and directions will be posted in the facebook group.
1  Russell Taylor     30pts
2  Iain Molloy        29pts
3  Charlie Needham    28pts
4  Eamon Finch        27pts
5  Leaon Smith        26pts
6  Adam Molloy        25pts
7  Dene Conway        24pts
7  Robin E.           24pts
9  Richard Chapman    22pts
10 John Ritchie       21pts
10 Phil Avard         21pts
everyone else to receive 5pts

NAC Cley 22/9/14 Sea Angling Report

The second match of the Norfolk Angling Club season saw another excellent turnout with 25 anglers competing including 3 juniors, the match stretch was to the left of the carpark at Cley past the fishing boats. Conditions for bass looked very favorable and the low number pegs would be where the majority of the fish would come from.

First fish of the night went to Russell Taylor with a nice schoolie bass at 37cm on his first cast, also early to catch was Richard Chapman making a welcome return to the league after several weeks of hard graft, rumours drifted along the match stretch that  he had a 47cm bass along with a 36cm one and was clearly leading the field.

Then everyone could hear shouts of joy and excitement as Adam Molloy one of the clubs junior anglers managed to find a 45cm bass to go with his 28cm flounder, then again with a 42cm bass and lastly topping off the perfect match and a specimen at this venue he managed a 28cm sole giving him the top spot honours and his first podium with 4 fish for 4lb 7 1/3oz. Second place went to Richard Chapman who added to his two bass with dab for a total of 3 fish for 3lb 7oz. Third place went to Russell Taylor who added a flounder and a dab to his earlier bass giving him 3 fish for 1lb 14 1/3oz.

Sadly the higher numbers didnt fair so well and with many only catching undersize or nothing at all and some losing a few sets of gear.22 fish in total were caught and returned with 11 out of the 25 anglers carding, 7 bass , 9 flounders , 4 dabs and a sole all caught and released.

Well done to everyone who fished, next weeks match is at Salthouse meeting at 6pm and fishing from 7pm til 10:30pm, please make sure to book in at the shop by Sunday.

1  Adam Molloy     30pts
2  Richard Chapman 29pts
3  Russell Taylor  28pts
4  Jake Cooper     27pts
5  Iain Molloy     26pts
6  Steve Smith     25pts
7  Leon Smith      24pts
8  Daniel Brown    23pts
9  Robin E.        22pts
10 Chris Antcliffe 21pts
11 Shane Brown     20pts

everyone else to receive 5pts

NAC Kelling 15-9-14 Sea Angling Report

The first match of the new NAC season saw an excellent turnout of 26 anglers assembled and eager to get started, the venue was Kelling with access via the Muckleborough Collection.

Pegging was left and right of the carpark with the majority under the small cliffs. The bass decided not to play ball although several members reported missing some great bites during the match.The main stay was pretty much dabs and flounders with the majority catching at least one sizeable fish.

Some top angling by Peter Hansell recording 7 fish for 3lb 8 2/3 giving him the top spot honours, 2nd place went to Andy Bray with 4 fish for 2lb 1 1/3oz , and finally 3rd place went to Daniel Brown with 2 fish for 1lb 1 1/3oz

Great to see some old and new faces and lets hope the turnouts and great banter continue. Next weeks match is at Cley, meet at 6pm fishing from 7pm to 10:30pm

1 Peter Hansell (30pts)
2 Andy Bray (29pts)
3 Daniel Brown (28pts)
4 Iain Molloy (27pts)
5 Steve Smith (26pts)
5 John Ritchie (26pts)
5 Duncan Anon (26pts)
8 Phil Avard (23pts)
9 Adam Molloy (22pts)
9 Russell Taylor (22pts)
11 Charlie Needham (20pts)
11 Simon Bone (19pts)

Everyone else recieves 5pts
Paul Rickard
Dene Conway
Andrew Turk
Steveo Johnstone
Mark Batson
Ian Lambert
Robin E.
Mandy Blomfield
Eamon Finch
Richard Hipperson
David Lake
Shane Brown
Mike Ranson
Rob Clarke

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