NAC Monday Night League Trimmingham 09//06/14

15 turned up to a rather hot and humid evening at trimmingham, Originally it was going to be teamed but due to a lower turnout we decided on a rover match instead. Most went to the left but a few went right. Sea was calm and not much colour to it. So we all knew it was going to be a difficult one. Flatties being the main target it was a nice surprise to hear that Steve Smith had landed his first Bass at 40cm. The biggest Flattie this season recorded fell to Paul Rickhard with a 39cm Flounder which on the conversion puts it at 1lb 6oz ish.  just before the end of the match the thunder started and most made a hastey retreat which was good as the rain came just after the results were done. So on to the results. 3rd place went to Steve Smith with 3 fish for 2lb 8oz 1/3. In second place was junior member Daniel Brown with 7 fish for 3lb 3oz 2/3. Top spot went to Peter Hansell who managed to find 8 fish for 5lb 14oz 1/3. 

Next week we are at Cley fishing the flood. Hope to see you all there

1st Peter Hansell (30points)

2nd Daniel Brown (29points)

3rd Steve Smith(28points)

4th Ian Molloy (27points)

5th Simon Bone (26points)

6th Paul Rickhard (25points)

6th Jake Cooper (25points)

8th Shane Brown (23points)

9th Dene Conway (22points)

10th Richard Hipson (new member 21points)

Everyone else to recieve 5points

Kimberley Lawn

Dean Gibbo Gobbo

Ron De Beor

Kelvin Smith

Andy Bray



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