NAC Monday League Kelling 02/06/14

Kelling 02/06/14
More reports of the hounds on the shingle and having missed them last week we were all hoping to bag a few. 15 turned up and i would like to just say thanks for all turning up on time so we could crack on. Weather was calm and sea starting clear up. So the fishing was slow and with just dabs and the odd flounder showing it was going to be difficult. Small baits and short range were the key to sucess. In total 51 dabs were carded along with a few pout and flounders. With 7 fish for 2lb dead was Dene Conway giving him 3rd place. In second and fisrt time in the frame was Ron De Beor with 7 fish for 2lb 2oz 2/3 and taking top spot 2 weeks in a row was Leon Smith with 10 fish for 3lb 1oz 1/3. Fianlly a big well done to everyone as no one blanked (possibly a first for the club).
Next week we are Trimmingham.

1st Leon Smith (30 points)
2nd Ron de Beor (29 points)
3rd Dene Conway (28 points)
4th Shane Brown (27 points)
5th Andy Turk (26 points)
6th Steve Smith (25 points)
7th Dean Gobbo (24 points)
8th Jake Cooper (23 points)
9th Daniel Brown (22 points)
9th Simon Bone (22 points)
11th Kimberley Lawn (20 points)
12th Russel Taylor (19 points)
13th Richard Craske (18 points)
13th Paul Rickard (18 points)
15th Peter Hansell (16 points)

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