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NAC Monday League Mundesley 26/5/14

14 anglers turned up go fish the sand. With a NE blow it looked rather Bassy. First hour came and went and no fish. Then came a report down the line of a sizable Bass. Not too long later Flattie Man Simon Bone pulled in a 27cm flounder. Danny Sayer also manged to land a beast of a flounder at a whopping 10cm…. So with darkness we all hoped for more fish but they didnt show instead the rain did which with the lack of fish meant some left early. So final standing was 1st place to Leon Smith with 1 fish for 1lb 8oz. Second place went to Simon Bone with 1 fish for 7oz. And final podium went to junior member Daniel Brown who had kept it quiet that he had caught with 1 fish for 4oz 2/3.

1st Leon Smith (30 points)
2nd Simon Bone (29 points)
3rd Daniel Brown (28 points)

Everyone else to recieve 5pts
Dene Conway
Jake Cooper
Danny Hoy
Kimberley Lawn
Charlie Needham
Danny Sayer
Kelvin Smith
Paul Rickhard
Steve Smith
Shane Brown
David Lake

NAC Monday league Salthouse 19/05/14

Sunshine all round and an easterly causing a little chop on the water and some colour… it looked Bassy. 18 in all turned out for a pleasant evening. True to form the dabs and pins where there and the odd slug too. Finding a sizable fish was hard at first but soon the bigger ones showed themselves. About an hour in the shout came down the line of a Bass being caught in all 3 were caught that were carded. The biggest Bass went to Ian Molloy at 45cm. In joint second was Dene Conway with 4 fish for 2lb3oz 1/3 along with Ian Molloys who did it with 2 fish. In top spot was Eamon Finch who found not only found a Bass but 2 dabs the best being 29cm giving him a total of 2lb 8oz. A special thanks you to Daniel Brown who helped a fellow angler off the beach as they had not got a light.

Next week we are Mundesley please let Dene know in the shop if you will be attending.

Just to make it easier for me if you know you are going to be late can you drop me a text/call so I know whats happening. If you don’t have my mobile number please message me on here. Thank You!!

1st Eamon Finch (30 points)

2nd Dene Conway (29 points) 

2nd Ian Molloy (29 points)

4th Peter Hansell (27 points)

5th Jake Cooper (26 points)

6th Andy Turk (25 points)

7th Paul Rickhard (24 points)

8th Mark Watson (23 points)

9th Shane Brown (22 points)

10th Steve Smith (21 points)

10th Mark Batson (21 points)

12th Daniel Brown (19 points)

13th Kimberley Lawn(18 points)


Everyone to recieve 5points

Russel Taylor

Richard Craske

Simon Bone

Danny Hoy

Paul Ash


NAC Monday Night League Bacton 05/05/14

NAC Monday Night League – Bacton

With everyone meeting up at Bacton it was a new venue for a few people and a bit more of a walk than normal. With the pegging to the left, right behind the Gas Site maybe a few 3 eyed fish were to be caught. The sea was rather flat and wind died off towards the end of the night. Progress was slow to start with the odd small flatties and pins about and the horrible mayweed meant it was frustrating for most. Then the hounds started to show. In total 9 Smoothounds, 2 Bass and lots of Flounders meant that the points were going to be high. No one could touch him tonight as David Lake proved to be the Hound Hunter and taking first place by storm with 4 fish for 21lb being the heiviest ever score the league has seen. Second place went to Richard Craske with 4 fish for 5lb 6oz, a big well done to him as it was his first match. Thrid place went to guest Simon Bone who manged a triple shot of flounder on his last cast and a 46cm Bass giving him a total of 4lb 0oz.(Clearly a good angler taught him) In total the whole there were 30 sizable fish and the biggest  hound was a 96cm Hound (David Lake) Biggest flat a 35cm flounder (David Lake) Biggest round fish a 46cm Bass (Simon Bone).
Next Match is on the Sunday the 11th at Kings Lynn Great Ouse 1pm till 7pm. If you are attending can you please let Dene know in the shop by Friday.

1st David Lake (30 points)
2nd Richard Craske (29 points)
3rd Simon Bone (28 points)
4th Dene Conway (27 points)
5th Russel Taylor (26 points)
6th Kimberley Lawn (25 points)
7th Jake Cooper (24 points)
8th Neil Marshall (23 points)
9th Charlie Needham (22 points)
10th Eamon Finch (21 points)
11th Ian Molloy (20 points)
12th Shane Brown (19 points)
13th Paul Rickard (18 points)
13th Ben Barnes (18 points)

Everyone else to recieve 5 points
Peter Hansell
Dan Brown
Ally Barnes
Campbell McKenzie
Leon Smith
Steve Smith

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