NAC Monday League Kelling 28/04/14

Kelling 28/04/14

It was a rather foggy start with a report of a ray (size debatable) showing on the shingle and a few hounds making an appearance too anyones guess as to what would come out. As always the pins and crabs were plentyful and only a few managing to find a sizable fish. Before it got dark Charlie managed to land a Smoothound at 57cm giving him 70
points straight away. With more pouting making themselves known a few more people were managing to card including guest Simon Bone on his first match who also managed a 28cm Rocking. What a Slug….Not long after it got dark another hound came out which was to be a first for Kimberley Lawn. Richard Chapman also caught a Smoothhound but
was beaten to 3rd place by Jake who managed to creep up with 4 fish for 1lb 9oz 1/3. 2nd place went to Kimberley Lawn with 1 fish for 2lb 3oz 1/3 and top spot went Charlie Needham who not only found a hound but knew where the pouting where too with him finishing on 6 fish for 3lb 3oz.
Next week we are back on sand at Bacton
Hope to see you there!!!!

1st Charlie Needham (30 points)
2nd Kimberley Lawn (29 points)
3rd Jake Cooper (28 points)
4th Richard Chapman (27 points)
4th Danny Sayer (27 points)
6th Simon Bone (25 points)
7th Billy Temple (24 points)
8th Leon Smith (23 points)
9th Dean Gobbo Gibson (22 points)
10th Andy Turk (21 points)
11th Russel Taylor (20 points)
12th Bob O. (19 points)

Everyone else to recieve 5 points
Peter Hansell
Dene Conway
Daniel Brown
Henry Randell
David Lake
Mark Batson
Ron De Beur
Ally Barnes
Kelvin Smith
John Wise

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