NAC league match 07/04/14

monday night league report 07/04/14

25 to fish and with Mundesley as the venue, everyone was hoping for it to not be a repeat of the last match we had here. The weather was ok when we arrived and due for a little rain during the match. Pegging was to the right ofthe lifeboat and with one groyne out of use due to the lifeboat doing exercises it meant a long walk for a few of us. The sea was rather flat and not much happening at the start. A few of the ever obliging pins and postage stamps dabs were up and down the beach, along with a few people catching sizable dabs and flounder. About 2130 the weather decided to have some fun and make everyone rather damp. Well done to all those that stuck it out to the end. Also well done to Lee Lake for catchin 3 sizable flounders but sadly beaten by his Dad by only 2oz. First place went to Trevor Barnes with 3 fish including a big 75cm Dogfish, for 4lb 14oz 2/3. Second place went to Shane Brown with a codling and dogfish giving him 3lb 5oz. And in thrid was Danny Sayer with 2 fish including a 32cm Dab for 1lb 2oz 1/3.
Next week we are at Salthouse. Hopefully more fish less rain!!!!

1st Trevor Barnes (30 points)
2nd Shane Brown (29 points)
3rd Danny Sayer (28 points)
4th Andy Turk (27 points)
5th David Lake (26 points)
6th Lee Lake (25 points)
7th Niel Marshall (24 points)
8th Dene Conway (23 points)
9th Dean Gibson (22 points)
10th Ian Gennery (21 points)
10th Bob O (21 points)
12th Russell Taylor (19 points)
12th Adam Molloy (19 points)
14th Simon Farrow (17 points)

Everyone else to score 5 points
Jake Cooper
Charlie Needham
Steve Smith
Paul Rickhard
Kimberley Lawn
Iain Molloy
Daniel Brown
Ally Barnes
Peter Hansell
Henry Randal
Cain Plumb

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