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NAC Monday League Kelling 28/04/14

Kelling 28/04/14

It was a rather foggy start with a report of a ray (size debatable) showing on the shingle and a few hounds making an appearance too anyones guess as to what would come out. As always the pins and crabs were plentyful and only a few managing to find a sizable fish. Before it got dark Charlie managed to land a Smoothound at 57cm giving him 70
points straight away. With more pouting making themselves known a few more people were managing to card including guest Simon Bone on his first match who also managed a 28cm Rocking. What a Slug….Not long after it got dark another hound came out which was to be a first for Kimberley Lawn. Richard Chapman also caught a Smoothhound but
was beaten to 3rd place by Jake who managed to creep up with 4 fish for 1lb 9oz 1/3. 2nd place went to Kimberley Lawn with 1 fish for 2lb 3oz 1/3 and top spot went Charlie Needham who not only found a hound but knew where the pouting where too with him finishing on 6 fish for 3lb 3oz.
Next week we are back on sand at Bacton
Hope to see you there!!!!

1st Charlie Needham (30 points)
2nd Kimberley Lawn (29 points)
3rd Jake Cooper (28 points)
4th Richard Chapman (27 points)
4th Danny Sayer (27 points)
6th Simon Bone (25 points)
7th Billy Temple (24 points)
8th Leon Smith (23 points)
9th Dean Gobbo Gibson (22 points)
10th Andy Turk (21 points)
11th Russel Taylor (20 points)
12th Bob O. (19 points)

Everyone else to recieve 5 points
Peter Hansell
Dene Conway
Daniel Brown
Henry Randell
David Lake
Mark Batson
Ron De Beur
Ally Barnes
Kelvin Smith
John Wise

NAC 14th April Salthouse

NAC Report Monday 14th April

19 anglers attended tonight match at Salthouse the first time since the dreaded surge and storms that we have ventured onto this ve…nue, pegging was to the left of the car park and with a high tide around 7pm, north westerly winds and a good sea running everyone pitched up a bit further back from the sea in case of a rogue wave or two breaching the area. The sea looked perfect for a bass bonanza but with it being very early in the season no one was sure if they would oblige in any numbers, sadly as the match drew on it became apparent that the bass were not there and very little else apart from the pin whiting, micro codling, rockling and the odd undersize dab. It was difficult to hold bottom in the first hour but as the tide receded those that remained managed to fish, Andrew Turk was one of the first to catch and promptly set about winding up young Jake Cooper, who as usual took the banter extremely well and left 30 minutes before the end singing as he went and no doubt planning his next match with even more determination, keep going mate you will get there. Anyway back to the main event, top podium spot must go to Steve Smith who persevered and managed to record a very respectable 4 fish given the conditions , second place went to Andrew Turk with 3 fish , and finally new member Shaun Wright managed one dab to claim the final podium spot, only one other managed to card and that was Leon Smith who just missed out on the prize money and bragging rights.

Well done to all who fished in tough conditions and well done to the 4 who managed to find a fish or two sizeable.

Next weeks match was due to be Trimingham but has now been changed to Kelling, please book in early so we know how many to expect.

1: Steve Smith 30pts 2: Andrew Turk 29pts 3: Shaun Wright 28pts 4: Leon Smith 27pts

all others receive 5 pts

NAC league match 07/04/14

monday night league report 07/04/14

25 to fish and with Mundesley as the venue, everyone was hoping for it to not be a repeat of the last match we had here. The weather was ok when we arrived and due for a little rain during the match. Pegging was to the right ofthe lifeboat and with one groyne out of use due to the lifeboat doing exercises it meant a long walk for a few of us. The sea was rather flat and not much happening at the start. A few of the ever obliging pins and postage stamps dabs were up and down the beach, along with a few people catching sizable dabs and flounder. About 2130 the weather decided to have some fun and make everyone rather damp. Well done to all those that stuck it out to the end. Also well done to Lee Lake for catchin 3 sizable flounders but sadly beaten by his Dad by only 2oz. First place went to Trevor Barnes with 3 fish including a big 75cm Dogfish, for 4lb 14oz 2/3. Second place went to Shane Brown with a codling and dogfish giving him 3lb 5oz. And in thrid was Danny Sayer with 2 fish including a 32cm Dab for 1lb 2oz 1/3.
Next week we are at Salthouse. Hopefully more fish less rain!!!!

1st Trevor Barnes (30 points)
2nd Shane Brown (29 points)
3rd Danny Sayer (28 points)
4th Andy Turk (27 points)
5th David Lake (26 points)
6th Lee Lake (25 points)
7th Niel Marshall (24 points)
8th Dene Conway (23 points)
9th Dean Gibson (22 points)
10th Ian Gennery (21 points)
10th Bob O (21 points)
12th Russell Taylor (19 points)
12th Adam Molloy (19 points)
14th Simon Farrow (17 points)

Everyone else to score 5 points
Jake Cooper
Charlie Needham
Steve Smith
Paul Rickhard
Kimberley Lawn
Iain Molloy
Daniel Brown
Ally Barnes
Peter Hansell
Henry Randal
Cain Plumb

NAC Kelling 31st March

Kim’s report :

16 anglers arrived Kelling the venue this week with the weather being warm and the sea fairly calm it was anyone’s guess as to what would be caught.

Before we even managed to get started a shout came that first aid was needed. Chris Palmer had managed to cut the back of his hand quite badly and could have been the end of his match before he had even started, after a bit of handholding he was back to it (any excuse for holding my hand).

No sooner had everyone chucked in at 7pm there were fish up amd down the beach lots of the dreaded pins but a few sizable too including several dogfish.

A call came down the beach of a large fish that was caught which turned out to be a 7.5lb thornback a rarity off the beach caught but Ian Gennery. Most of the carded fish were caught within the first hour and as the tide turned the fish went with it. Considering one of his fish scored him 350 points it was obvious who had won it with 2 fish for 9lb 4oz Ian Gennery took top spot. In second place with 3 fish for 4lb 10oz1/3 was David Lake. Final podium went to first timer Ben Barnes with 1 fish at 4lb 0 oz2/3.

The amount of dogfish caught along with pouting up to 37cm and the Thornie on a venue that is not renowned for these species in any great number I think we can all agree it was brilliant match with plenty of fish and lets hope this trend continues. stats: 34 fish caught between 16 anglers, 11 dogs biggest 74cm (Ben Barnes), 13 pouting biggest 37cm (Dene Conway), welcome also two new members Ben Barnes and Chris Palmer

Next week we are again back on the sand at Mundesley, please make sure to book in early at the shop.

1 Ian Gennery 30pts

2 David Lake 29pts

3 Ben Barnes 28pts

4 Charlie Needham 27pts

5 Steve Smith 26pts

6 Bob O. 25pts

7 Dene Conway 24pts

8 Paul Rickard 23pts

9 Leon Smith 22pts

10 Chris Palmer 21pts

11 Peter Hansell 20pts

12 Andrew Turk 19pts

13 Shane Brown 18pts

14 Kimberley Lawn 17pts

15 Daniel Brown 5pts

16 Eamon Finch 5pts

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