NAC Kelling 17th March

So with the match taking place at a new venue and reports that codling and bass are showing hopes were high for tonight. Many of us had not fished this venue and turned out to be a bit of an offroad trip to get to the parking but the water was deep and the waves high. Weather was clear and wind was low. Pegging was from the gate towards weybourne. As always the pin whiting were throwing themselves at everyone and so to were the codlets. a few slugs and dabs were caught but most undersize. About hour in Gobbo (Dean G) landed his first sizable fish on his new bass rod which he was very pleased with.. I also carded a pouting and between the two of us had a steady flow of them. As the tide ebbed more less was caught and the bites calmed down too. having done well with his bass rod Dean Gibson took first place with 5 fish for 2lb 5oz 1/3. Second place went to Richard Chapman with 4 fish at 1lb 6oz 2/3 and final podium was Kimberley Lawn with 3 fish for 1lb 4oz 2/3.

Big thanks you too all for turning up early/ on time and aslo a big thank you to Charlie for picking me up when I managed to go a**e over tit, resulting in first aid for myself. Oh dear.

Next week we are at trimmingham lets hope there is some coddies!!!

1st Dean Gibson (30 points)
2nd Richard Chapman (29 points)
3rd Kimberley Lawn (28 points)
4th Jake cooper (27 points)
5th Mark Batson (26 points)
6th David Lake (25 points)
7th Andy Turk (24 points)
7th Ian Gennery (23 points)
9th Kelvin Smith (22 points)
10th Paul Rickhard (21 points)
11th Shane Brown (20 points)
12th Peter Hansell (19 points)

evryone else to recieve 5 pts

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