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NAC Trimingham 24th March

So the venue was Trimmingham. A beach that can be somewhat hit and miss with what you will catch. Reports had came in of a 6lb cod the day before so hopes were up to see some decent fish. At 7pm all in was called and within mintues everyone had to come out again due to the lifeboat and search and rescue helicopter being so close to the beach that for a while we thought someone ws in. Turned out that it was just a training exercise. First report of a sizeable fish was Charlie with a dogfish at 61cm putting him well ahead with 89 points. There were plenty of undersize codling about and a few slugs too. At around 10:15pm with only 15 minutes to go Peter Hansell landed a plump 52cm cod. I then got back to my rod to find my line had somewhat travelled to the right. I then proceeded to follow suit and land a 50cm cod. Final standings are as follows. Peter Hansell took 1st place with 2 fish for 3lb 2/3oz. Kimberley Lawn took 2nd place with one fish at 2lb 11oz and final podium spot was Charlie Needham with 2 fish for 2lb 2oz 1/3. A very well done to our junior Daniel Brown who managed to come forth and beat his dad (and

Next week we are back at Kelling, so heres hoping for more fish like the ones caught last night!!!

1st Peter Hansell (30 points)
2nd Kimberley Lawn (29 points)
3rd Charlie Needham (28 points)
4th Daniel Brown (27 points)
4th Iain Molloy (27 points)
4th Ron De Boer (27 points)
7th Paul Rickhard (24 points)
Everyone else scores 5 points
Jake Cooper
Henry Randall
David Lake
Ally Barnes
Andy Turk
Ian gennery
Bob O
Steve Smith
Richard Chapman
Simon Farrow
Leon Smith
Shane Brown

NAC Kelling 17th March

So with the match taking place at a new venue and reports that codling and bass are showing hopes were high for tonight. Many of us had not fished this venue and turned out to be a bit of an offroad trip to get to the parking but the water was deep and the waves high. Weather was clear and wind was low. Pegging was from the gate towards weybourne. As always the pin whiting were throwing themselves at everyone and so to were the codlets. a few slugs and dabs were caught but most undersize. About hour in Gobbo (Dean G) landed his first sizable fish on his new bass rod which he was very pleased with.. I also carded a pouting and between the two of us had a steady flow of them. As the tide ebbed more less was caught and the bites calmed down too. having done well with his bass rod Dean Gibson took first place with 5 fish for 2lb 5oz 1/3. Second place went to Richard Chapman with 4 fish at 1lb 6oz 2/3 and final podium was Kimberley Lawn with 3 fish for 1lb 4oz 2/3.

Big thanks you too all for turning up early/ on time and aslo a big thank you to Charlie for picking me up when I managed to go a**e over tit, resulting in first aid for myself. Oh dear.

Next week we are at trimmingham lets hope there is some coddies!!!

1st Dean Gibson (30 points)
2nd Richard Chapman (29 points)
3rd Kimberley Lawn (28 points)
4th Jake cooper (27 points)
5th Mark Batson (26 points)
6th David Lake (25 points)
7th Andy Turk (24 points)
7th Ian Gennery (23 points)
9th Kelvin Smith (22 points)
10th Paul Rickhard (21 points)
11th Shane Brown (20 points)
12th Peter Hansell (19 points)

evryone else to recieve 5 pts

NAC Old High 4th March

With 20 anglers ready to fish we all trooped across the golf course to our relevant pegs. Fishing was to the left and right as you enter onto the beach. Expectation was high with good reports of Codling & Bass being caught. With high tide just before 8pm the sea was calm & with only a very slight breeze would make any bite detection easy.

At 7pm lines went into the water & straight away it was the ever obliging Pin Whiting & Rockling & a odd Pouting that would be taking our baits. With lots of undersized fish being caught we were all listening for reports from either end of the beach for sizeable Codling or Bass, eventually news filtered along that a Bass of 38cm had been caught by David Lake this would give him 2nd place for the evening with 1lb 2oz. Richard Chapman would take 3rd Place with 2x 27cm Whiting & a couple of Rockling at 1lb 0oz. Eventually Jake Cooper would break his duck for this season & scoop 1st place with a bag full of Rockling & a nice 34cm Whiting totalling 1lb 7oz – Well Done Jake

All in all a good nights fishing although not a huge amount of fish were caught.

Thanks to Shane Brown for pegging the match before we all arrived, Also to Kimberly Lawn for doing the score sheets & to Pete Hansell for getting us all our bait sorted so we could all fish.

1st. Jake Cooper
2n David Lake
3rd. Richard Chapman
4th. Andy Andrew Turk
5th. Ian Gennery
6th. Charlie Adrian Charlie Needham
7th. Brian Van Blerk
8th. Shane Brown
9th. Dan Brown
10th. Steve Smith
11th. Gibbo

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