NAC Report Weybourne 17th Feb. 2014

Another weather break for the Norfolk Angling Club and another Monday night club match saw 26 members, including 2 females and two juniors and one new member all eagerly anticipating the start.
Pegging tonight was from the pipe towards the wreck with a good 25 paces between pegs, the pegging was done by Duncan Anon who also did a beach clean while walking back to draw his peg, which sets a good example to all anglers and onlookers, well done mate.
A long walk for peg 1 right up past the wreck turned into an even longer walk as Andrew Turk had left the third section of his rod back in his car, only realizing once on his peg and made the walk back in record time.
Our two Juniors tonight were Daniel Brown 12yrs old and Adam Molloy 11yrs old both starting in the club and hopefully proving to their mothers that they can both get out of bed the next morning, both caught a lot of undersize fish and thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was Molloy’s Boy Adam who managed to find a solitary sizeable fish to gain his first points in the league table and beat his dad, well done to you both.
Onto the main match rockling, dabs, and the odd sizeable whiting were being recorded all along the stretch but nothing to set the match alight, Shane Brown had a cracking 32cm whiting which seemed could be the biggest of the night but it was consistent Ian Gennery who topped that with a cracking 38cm whiting down on peg 23 near the pipe area adding to that he also managed two dabs which put him in contention for the podium spots but would it be enough.
Another consistent angler David Lake on peg 8 back in full fitness after his operation had the best bag with 5 fish for 1lb 8 1/3oz or 73pts, giving him top rod honours for the night, narrowly beating Ian Gennery with 3 fish for 1lb 8oz or 72pts for 2nd place overall so not a lot in it between these two.
The final podium spot and her first time in the frame was Kimberley Lawn with 4 fish for 1lb 1 1/3oz, this being her best performance in the league and she put it down to her lucky charm friend who came along for the experience and will hopefully be another new member in weeks to come.
An almost a no pointer for Jake Cooper who’s been having a bad run of late forgot to hand his card in even while collecting everyone else’s luckily at the end the error was spotted and back to his usual 4th place positioning. Our newest member Mark Miller also managed to save the blank with a solitary whiting welcome to the club.
A cracking turnout on a great evening with the rain only really taking hold after the match was completed, 40 sizeable fish were caught and returned and 20 anglers managed to card fish.
The club is now 50+ members strong and is the biggest club in Norfolk growing every week, and with the excellent banter and friendly support it can only get stronger well done to everyone.

1 David Lake 30pts
2 Ian Gennery 29pts
3 Kimberley Lawn 28pts
4 Jake Cooper 27pts
5 Peter Hansell 26pts
5 Paul Rickard 26pts
7 Eamonn Finch 24pts
8 Ally Barnes 23pts
8 Ron de Boer 23pts
10 Charlie Needham 21pts
10 Richard Chapman 21pts
12 Dene Conway 19pts
13 Bob O. 18pts
14 Shane Brown 17pts
15 Mark Miller 16pts
16 Greg Metcalf 15pts
17 Mark Batson 14pts
18 Adam Molloy 13pts
18 Andrew Turk 13pts

All others receive 5pts
Daniel Brown 5pts
Henry Randell 5pts
Campbell Mckenzie 5pts
Dean Gibson 5pts
Duncan Anone 5pts
Iain Molloy 5pts
Steve Smith 5pts

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