Mundesley 10th February 2014 Report

A trip to Mundesley was the order of the day for the Norfolk Angling Club, and again a new venue for many, pegging was to the right of the slipway with 3 to 4 per bay. A lovely evening with very little breeze and almost clear skies for the most part, Fishing an ebbing tide to give everyone a fair chance at finding the gulley’s and hopefully some codling.
A very slow start was had by most with the odd rockling and dab appearing and of course the usual pin whiting, this all changed in the last hour of the match but only at the far end where 9 codling and a bass were caught, most were just undersize but it was Andrew Turk and Peter Hansell who both managed a sizeable codling along with Peter finding a sizeable bass which was returned to fight another day.
The far bay produced the top 3 anglers on the night with Peter Hansell carding two fish for 2lb 10 1/3oz giving him first place honours. Second place went to Andrew Turk with 1 fish for 1lb 14 2/3, and finally third place went to Mark Batson who managed to scratch out 3 fish for 13 1/3oz. Not the greatest of nights but 18 sizeable fish recorded and what could have turned out to be just another rockling fest turned into some good fishing for this time of year.
Seems to be plenty of 2lb+ codling showing along the coast now with several anglers reporting fish over last few weeks and it can only get better as we approach spring, next week we are again back at Weybourne, as always everyone is welcome to join us.

1 Peter Hansell 30pts
2 Andrew Turk 29pts
3 Mark Batson 28pts
4 Campbell McKenzie 27pts
5 Richard Chapman 26pts
6 Ally Barnes 25pts
7 Shane Brown 24pts
8 Dean Gibson 23pts
8 Paul Rickard 23pts
10 Steve Smith 21pts
11 Ian Gennery 20pts
All others receive 5pts
Jake Cooper
Dene Conway
Trevor Barnes
Bob O.

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