Monday 3rd February 2014 Report

At the previous match the club had decided to hold a roving match between the coastguard house on the cliff at Weybourne up to the wreck, giving everyone a week to do their homework and decide on the best area to fish to maximise their chances of catching some decent fish.

21 club members arrived at the car park keen and eager to get on their way, with talk of codling under the cliffs and the big whiting still present this seemed to be where the winner would come from and the usual rockling to keep things moving along.

Several of the others had opted for the walk to the wreck end in search of the deeper water and hopefully more fish. The rest of our motley crew decided on straight over with left of the pipe the easiest and quickest place to get some fishing done.

With a big tide pushing in it was anyone’s guess who had made the right choices. Recovering from my weekend travelling I had also decided for a short walk which in hindsight was a mistake, but that’s fishing for you.

First on the card in front of the car park was Paul Rickard who caught two rockling and then a dab with everyone else struggling with pin whiting apart from Kimberley Lawn who managed a dab and Ian Gennery who also had two rockling a little later on, the rockling and bigger whiting appeared to have vacated the close walk area leaving the only option to try and scratch out a sizeable dab, luckily after going on a photo taking walk I came back 30 minutes to find a solitary dab had hung itself and saved the blank for me.

Onto the other area’s as we arrived back at the car park the first group back were from the wreck end with Richard Chapman having had a great session targeting the rockling in the deeper water, giving him 10 sizeable fish for 2lb 10 1/3oz, was this going to be enough or would a codling come from the rough ground when the others returned. Fishing near Richard was Steve Smith who had 4 fish for 1lb 5 2/3oz, other scores in from the wreck end were Charlie Needham with 4 fish for 1lb 2/3oz and from the short walk area Paul Rickard also with 4 fish for 1lb 2/3oz.

As the others from under the cliffs slowly started to return all a little worse for wear after their walk, it became apparent that the wreck end had been the right choice with 6 undersize codling and the odd rockling and several blanks recorded not enough to take the top rod honours away from Richard Chapman. 2nd place then went to Steve Smith and finally we had a tied third place with Charlie Needham and Paul Rickard.

A total of 34 fish were caught with 9 of the 21 members failing to record a sizeable fish. It was nice to see some new faces in the top 3 places again and shows that the club and members are evolving and learning from one another, the rapport and support is second to none and fishing in such great company is a pleasure.

Next week’s match is at Mundesley another venue not yet fished as a club and with things the way they are on the beaches its anyone’s guess what will be the mainstay and who will be top rod.

All are welcome to attend even as a guest and with the club now having 45 paid up members and growing steadily now is the ideal time to come along and join.

1 Richard Chapman. 30pts
2 Steve Smith 29pts
3 Charlie Needham 28pts
3 Paul Rickard 28pts
5 Henry Randall 26pts
6 Mark Batson 25pts
7 Campbell McKenzie 24pts
8 Wayne Brown 23pts
9 Ian Gennery 23pts
10 Jake Cooper 22pts
11 Dene Conway 21pts
12 Kimberley Lawn 20pts
all others receive 5pts
Peter Hansell 5pts
Shayne Brown 5pts
Ally Barnes 5pts
Duncan Anone 5pts
Eamonn Finch 5pts
Trevor Barnes 5pts
David lake 5pts
Bob.O 5pts
Andrew Turk 5pts

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