Old High Monday 20 Jan

Across the golf course to another part of the shingle bank in between Sheringham & Cromer an excellent venue that often throws up some good fish from codling through to some excellent bass in the summer months, tonight’s match for the Norfolk Angling Club saw 15 members brave the freezing foggy conditions in the hope of an elusive codling.

With a good swell running and two hours before high it was decided to pitch shelters a little way back from the top of the shingle ridge as later the swell could easily be washing over the top, which proved to be the case with several anglers being kept on their toes as the odd rogue wave threatened to wash away their gear and bait. A few of the members had decided purely on codling tactics with big hooks and big baits in a make or break strategy, while others opted to target the ever present rockling and hopefully the bigger whiting that always lurk in the rougher areas.

As the night went on it became obvious the fish were within 30 yards taking any bait that was offered, the usual pin whiting, and some good sized rockling seemed to be the order of the day, until several members started catching the stonking whiting that have been missing from previous matches, with the biggest recorded at 35cm and a good scattering of 30+ fish made fishing very enjoyable. A codling was caught and a first on his species list for Paul Rickard, although undersize it was pleasant to see such a well formed healthy specimen returned to fight another day.

In the end it was the target what’s in front of you approach that helped junior lady angler Jess Plumb take the top spot with 10 fish for 2lb 5 1/3oz, a very accomplished performance and surely a future star in the making. 2nd podium slot went to Ian Gennery who consistently caught fish from the off but after the high tide couldn’t locate the sizeable fish and ended with 6 fish for 1lb 12 2/3oz, final podium spot of the night went to new club member Richard Ellis also with 6 fish for 1lb 8 2/3oz.
Out of the 15 anglers who fished only 8 managed to card sizeable fish, with 39 fish being recorded and returned alive.

We will be giving Walcott a try-out at the next match and as always all are welcome.

1 Jess Plumb 30pts
2 Ian Gennery 29pts
3 Richard Ellis 28pts
4 Dene Conway 27pts
5 Richard Chapman 26pts
6 Jake Cooper 25pts
7 Paul Rickard 24pts
8 Andrew Turk 23pts
all others receive 5pts
Peter Hansell 5pts
Henry Randell 5pts
Billy Temple 5pts
Bob.O 5pts
Cain Plumb 5pts
Chris Clarke 5pts
Duncan Anon 5pts

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