NAC Match Report 29th March 2021 Weybourne

NAC Match Report Weybourne 29th March 2021  

Welcome back.

We last fished 21 December 2020 before the latest lockdown stopped all match fishing. But we are back and what a night to regroup. With a promise of the warmest Spring day since the 1960s and an advantageous tide 13 NAC fisher folk regrouped in the Weybourne Car Park. Even the impact of a jobs worth car park attendant did not dampen spirits as we grouped (socially distanced of course). It was like the first day of a new school term but with new beards and barber challenging haircuts. Great to see David Mathers back with us showing how it should be done…. see results.

With conditions good, water coming up to high at 19:55pm, and expected dog fish we decided to fish to length with pegging from left of the pipe avoiding the pleasure anglers. See photos for a spectacular sunset.

As is typical with Weybourne the pegging lottery played its hand with fish seemingly preferring the left hand side of the draw. Fish were caught through the night with nobody blanking a great start to the season. Dogs were caught by Ian Childerhouse (Peg 3 – 62cm), Simon Bottomley (Peg 6 – 60cm) and Russell Taylor (Peg 7- 53cm). Ian Childerhouse therefore winning biggest round. 16 Dabs caught with the biggest flat being shared by Richard Hipperson (Peg 12 – 26cm) and Simon Bottomley (Peg 6 -26cm).

Unlucky for Nathan Drewery (Peg 5) who caught an excellent specimen Ray of 33cm across the wings (see picture) but was deemed undersized using MAFF guidelines. In total 65 fish caught a total weight of 25lbs 15 ozs. See table for full breakdown of dabs, rockling, pouting, dogs, whiting. For latest MAFF guidelines click this link Sea fish size limit chart — Sea Angler.

The spoils for the night went to Andy Turk (Peg 4) with a consistent performance bringing in fish all night, in fact catching 14 fish (219 weight points – a total weight of 4lbs 9 ounces). A great result Andy, no wonder you look ‘cool’ in the photo.

Match Result:

1st Andrew Turk              (Peg 4) with 14 fish weighing a total of 4lbs 9/16oz                           (219 weight points).

2nd Simon Bottomley      (Peg 6) with 8 fish weighing a total of 3lbs 15/16oz                                  (189 weight points) 

3rd David Mathers           (Peg 2) with 9 fish weighing a total of 3lb 12/16oz                                    (181 weight points)

Finally, the 1st lucky peg of the season went to John Catchpole

Next match Monday 5th April @ Bacton (meet at the new car park by 6:00pm)

Full results:                                   Points

Andrew Turk                                30

Simon Bottomley                         29         +5 (flat)

David Mathers                             28

Billy Rush                                      27

Ian Childerhouse                         26         +5 (round)

John Spalton                                25

Richard Hipperson                       24         +5 (flat)

Russell Taylor                               23

Roger Cunnington                       22

Tyler Rush                                     21

Nathan Drewery                          20

John Catchpole                            19

Barry Iseton                                  18

NAC Venue Catalogue

To download the catalogue go to link below or for match report use search and name of venue

A Thank You from Walking With The Wounded

Please see the thank you letter from Walking With The Wounded following our charity match on 21st December fishing on Weybourne Beach.

NAC Match Report Weybourne 21st December 2020

NAC Match Report Weybourne 21st December 2020  

What started as a plan to fish Sheringham and donate to MASh was turned on its head by recognition that the tide for Sheringham would be wrong and that MASh would not be taking any financial donations. So being a flexible club the group advised that the old favourite Weybourne would be a suitable venue. That left who to donate to? The proposal of “walking with the wounded” was seen as a suitable charity, given the number of ex services men who fish.

To find out more about “walking with the wounded” click this link Welcome – Walking With The Wounded

The pre match banter was dominated by the COVID discussions, are we going to be locked down again, where can we fish. But when all said and done a nights fishing on a wet Weybourne beach was something to enjoy and look forward to. With 11 fishers gathered, the discussion changed to the serious discussion of record 18cm + or size limits?

Size limits agreed we headed for the shingle (see John’s photos to get the feel of the venue). Pegging from just after the pipe (Ian Childerhouse Peg 11) to heading to Kelling (John Spalton and his menagerie Peg 1)

With the tide rising (HT 23:20) the first fish started to be caught, but it became obvious early on that fishing to size was the correct choice as it would be challenge. Doubles and trebles were commonplace but finding those elusive 27cm + whiting, or over 23 cm dabs was a challenge. On a positive note, we did not need a lot of light to fish by as the research vessel lit up the horizon, quite a sight as it tacked up/down the coastline.

Everyone was catching, no blanks, but the size limit proved quite a challenge, so the numbers caught were always going to be lower than previous outings. But that is where the skill comes in. It was nice to see everyone enjoying the evening and taking the time out to fish and not run around the beach measuring everything. Nathan Drewery, fishing from Peg 3, caught a fine 34cm Whiting winning biggest round, whilst although there was a lot of small Dabs about the largest Dab was shared between Barry Iseton (Peg 8) and Darren Smith (Peg 9) with 24cm Dabs. In total 65 (over 27cm) Whiting, 5 Dabs (over 23cm), and 4 Rockling (over 18cm) were caught.

As the results came in the fishing to size meant that the results were going to be close, so there was quite a tussell between Ian Childerhouse (Peg 11) and Richard Hipperson (Peg 10), with Ian winning …but only just (by 4 weight points). Well done both!

Match Result:

1st Ian Childerhouse        (Peg 11) with 10 fish weighing 3lb 7/16oz                                     (166 weight points).

2nd Richard Hipperson    (Peg 10) with 9 fish weighing 3lb 6/16oz                                     (162 weight points) 

3rd Simon Bottomley      (Peg 6) with 10 fish weighing 2lb 15/16oz                                   (141 weight points)

Finally, the Christmas lucky peg draw went to Barry Iseton

But the real result will be the donation of match fees, NAC funds, and donations from Rite Gear (Dene Conway) and NAC President (Dene Gibson), total expected to be £244 (thanks all for supporting such a worthy cause)

Full results:                                   Points

Ian Childerhouse                           30

Richard Hipperson                       29

Simon Bottomley                          28

Barry Iseton                                   27 + 5 flat

John Spalton                                  26

Nathan Drewery                           25 +5 round

Andrew Turk                                 24

Ian Wells                                        23

Darren ‘Smudger’ Smith              22 +5 flat

Russell Taylor                                21

Paul Goodsen                                20

Merry Christmas all and look forward to seeing you at Mundersley on Monday 28th December, see Facebook for latest information.

NAC Match Reports Gt. Yarmouth 14th December 2020

NAC Match Report Great Yarmouth (South Beach) 14th December 2020  

For the 11th match of the winter season a trip to Gt. Yarmouth, South Beach, was in order rescheduled from a planned trip overtaken from Lockdown 2. Yes, it’s a long way if you are based around Sheringham, but it always promises to fish well, is consistent, an easy beach to fish from, with easy access. A long way from the shingle, so , magnificent 7 decided to make the trip and met up just down from the Premier Inn.

The pre match gathering (socially distanced of course), was one of excitement and wanting to hit the beach quickly. All was in place, so we decided to kick off at 6:45pm and fish 18cm +, there was a whiff of fish in the air and we were eager to hit the beach.

The dampness and spots of rain were quickly forgotten when the doubles then trebles of whiting started to come in. A great start to a very busy night. Whilst only 7 fishing, everyone hit the second page of the match card and at one point it was thought we might need some more record cards for the big hitters, that’s you Mr Taylor on Peg 5 with 47 carded fish. Including the biggest round 32 cm Whiting and the biggest flat with a 32cm Flounder.

A total of 248 fish caught, of which 219 were Whiting, 26 Dabs, 2 Rocklings and 1 Flounder. Total weight caught 50lbs 11 ozs, which converts to 2432 weight points. Quite a haul for only 7 fishing, can you image the numbers caught if the usual suspects had made the long trip to the bright beaches of Yarmouth. Its not just on the slot machines, roller coasters you can find your fun.

Match Result:

1st Russell Taylor             (Peg 5) with 47 fish weighing 10lb 2/16oz                     (487 weight points).

2nd Andrew Turk             (Peg 6) with 41 fish weighing 7lb 12/16oz                     (373 weight points) 

3rd Nathan Drewery        (Peg 1) with 34 fish weighing 7lb 12/16oz                     (372 weight points)

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Nathan Drewery.

Match to be held on 21st December will be held at Sheringham and will be a ‘charity match’ in aid of MASh (Mutual Aid Sheringham) with fee funding to be matched by NAC funds and Rite Gear.

Full results:                     Points

Russell Taylor                  30 + 10 (flat & round)

Andrew Turk                   29

Nathan Drewery             28

John Spalton                   27

Simon Bottomley            26

Neil Rowe                        25

Ian Childerhouse             24

NAC Match Reports Weybourne 7th December 2020

NAC Match Report Weybourne 7th December 2020  

Well, we are back!

That was the overriding emotion as I set out to drive to tonight’s match at Weybourne. It was dark (obviously!), and the in-car thermometer was flashing a 1 degree centigrade, so it was going to be one of those cool nights on a beach with hopefully a bit of banter. It was great to see everyone starting to gather waiting for the off. Everyone excited sharing lockdown stories fishing, and non-fishing related, plus wondering how many eels John S’s dog could eat if given the chance (you had to be there). 10 hardy fisherman including 1st time club fisher Glen Cox (welcome) gathered in the car park and like a scene from a Boris Johnson verbal picture the cavalry came over the hill (well down Weybourne, Beach Road) in the shape of Ian Wells. We were now 11!

Walked off pegging from just the other side of the pipe with Peg 11, Nathan Drewery, and Peg 1 being a long walk for Barry Iseton. Were these going to be the lucky pegs and bag a few decent fish. We told Barry that the sperm whale on the beach did not count as a weight point earner. The tide was coming in hard with a few surprise waves catching a few out when baiting up. Came as a bit of warning to be careful when night fishing. From cast 1 it became clear that there were fish about, might not have been big so it was good that we fished and scored 18+ cm. No one blanked a great start to post lockdown [2] match fishing.

In total 186 fish a total weight of over 44lbs (2129 weight points) comprising 147 Whiting and 36 Dabs, with 3 rocklings. The largest round was shared by Andrew Turk (Peg 7) and Nathan Drewery (Peg 11) catching 33cm Whiting. The largest Flat was a 25cm Dab caught by Ian Wells (Peg 10). Overall results below, good fishing Ian, Russell, and Andrew. So the right hand marks yielded the best fishing.

Match Result:

1st Ian Wells (Peg 10) with 25 fish weighing 7lb 7/16oz                      

(357 weight points).

2nd Russell Taylor            (Peg 9) with 24 fish weighing 5lb 15/16oz

(284 weight points) 

3rd Andrew Turk              (Peg 7) with 23 fish weighing 5lb 11/16oz

(272 weight points)

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Barry Iseton (so it was lucky!)

Next match 14th December will be at Gt. Yarmouth, South Beach. Park near the Premier Inn. Match details will be published Wednesday on our Facebook page and on What App.  

Match to be held on 21st December will be held at Sheringham and will be a ‘charity match’ in aid of MASh (Mutual Aid Sheringham) with fee funding to be matched by NAC funds and Rite Gear, more details next week. For latest fixtures list see pictures.

Full results:                     Points

Ian Wells                         30         + 5 points (flat)

Russell Taylor                 29

Andrew Turk                   28         +5 points (round)

Richard Hipperson         27

Nathan Drewery            26         +5 points (round)

Ian Childerhouse            25

Neil Rowe                        24        

Barry Iseton                    23

Glenn Cox                        22

Simon Bottomley           21

John Spalton                   20

NAC Match Report Salthouse 2nd November 2020

NAC Match Report Salthouse 2nd November 2020  

After Prime Ministers announcement of a 2nd lockdown starting 5th November for 4 weeks the pre match banter was trying to understand the implication to the club. The only guideline we have at the moment is from the Angling Trust

Extracted from Angling Trust web site – dated 2nd November (link

UPDATE – November 2. Angling Trust staff have been working hard over the weekend to ensure that angling in England can continue during the forthcoming lockdown. Unlike golf and tennis, the government have not asked fisheries to close and their announcement and guidance makes clear that outdoor recreation at ‘parks and gardens’ and at ‘beaches and in the countryside’ is to be deemed a legitimate reason for leaving home from November 5th. The travel guidance was updated yesterday and it seems that short journeys from home for these purposes are to be permitted.

Info from North Norfolk District Council states ‘beach car parks’ will remain open so “that local people can access the outdoors during the lockdown for their mental health wellbeing”….Sarah Butikofer.

Putting that all aside quickly, lets address the serious issue of the last match of this part of the winter league. 13 regulars were joined by 2 guests Paul Goodson and Darren ‘ Smudger’ Smith, who were quickly brought up to speed so we could get a 7:00pm start. Weather was cold, clear skies with the full moon and high tide due by 19:30pm. With previous weeks seeing a Whiting Fest it was agreed (sorry Andy T) to fish to size limits (converted to weight points). So only the ‘big ones’ counted! Pegs were from car park end (peg 15) to Cley end (Peg 1).

Fishing was tricky with early weed, dropping off after a few hours, and the tide pulling left to right along the beach. Catches started well but fell off after 21:00pm. In total 94 fish of size caught with a total weight of 32lb (note last week we caught 129 fish, weighing 31lb 2/16oz) converted to 1536 weight points, comprising 89 Whiting and 4 Dabs. The largest round was caught by Ian Wells with a 33cm Whiting (Peg 5). The largest Flat was a 26cm Dab caught by Paul Goodson (Peg 9), nice catch on your 1st outing with NAC.

Match Result:

1st Pete Simmonds          (Peg 2) with 12 fish weighing 4lb 1/16oz                       (196 weight points).

2nd Russell Taylor            (Peg 7) with 10 fish weighing 3lb 10/16oz                     (174 weight points) 

3rd Ian Wells                    (Peg 5) with 11 fish weighing 3lb 8/16oz                       (168 weight points)

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Andy Turk.

Thanks to John Spalton for 2x Salthouse in the daylight pictures.

As no match next week due to lockdown, keep an eye out for NAC updates on Facebook/Whats App for latest club information

Full results:                     Points

Peter Simmonds              30

Russell Taylor                  29

Ian Wells                          28         (+5 round)

Andrew Turk                   27

Ian Childerhouse             26

Billy Rush                         25

John Spalton                   24

Barry Iseton                     23

Leon Smith                      22

John Catchpole               21

Neil Rowe                        20

Paul Goodson                  19         (+5 flat)

Simon Bottomley            19

Darren Smudger Smith  18

Richard Hipperson          5

NAC Match Report Bacton 26th October 2020

NAC Match Report Bacton 26th October 2020  

It was back to Bacton, for the second time, for the eighth match of the winter league with a sense of anticipation, especially as we numbered 18 people fishing. It was a welcome back to Harvey Edwards who according to John Catchpole has not stopped talking about his catch at Overstrand of his first Bass. This time he brought his Dad to share in the pleasure of night fishing, who was going to win that competition. We were also joined by Alan ‘Dusty’ Miller and Mirka Sniegocka as guests of Andy Bunn. So, it was a bumper turnout. Thanks for signing in on Facebook/What App – helps the administration.

With 18 fishing, and the need to social distance Russell agreed to peg out the beach (to reduce crowding at the off). We pegged from right hand side of car park up to the gas plant. Tide was reducing fast and the old groynes were clearly visible as everyone took up their pegs and set up for a 19:00pm kick off (Low Tide 21:50pm). Weather was calm, dry, clear skies with a very low swell. Scoring to be 18cm + with converted weight points.

Early catches showed that the evening was going to be limited to Whiting and Dabs all fairly small, so it was going to take a special skill to pick up the larger size rounds or flats. In total 129 fish caught, total weight 31lb 2/16oz, converted to 1493 weight points, comprising 54 Dabs, 68 Whiting, 5 Flounder and 2 Bass.

The largest round was a 38cm Bass caught by Ian Childerhouse (Peg 16), with Roger Cunnington (Peg 17) just missing out of the largest round with a 37cm Bass. The honours for the largest flat were shared between Ian Wells (Peg 8) and Nathan Drewery (Peg 7) both catching 30cm flounder (was it the same Flounder? ). Fishing patchy but all caught, no blanks. The final question of the night “who was the best fisherman in the Edwards family” …..the answer was Harvey with 5 fish (54 weight points) beating Dad with 3 fish (26 points). See you both soon.

Match Result:

1st  Ian Childerhouse      (Peg 16) with 11 fish weighing 3lb 5/16oz                       (160 weight points).

2nd Nathan Drewery       (Peg 7) with 10 fish weighing 3lb 3/16oz                       (154 weight points)  

3rd Richard Hipperson    (Peg 1) with 15 fish weighing 2lb 14/16oz                     (139 weight points)

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Richard Hipperson.

Next week’s match will be at Salthouse HT 19:31pm – watch out for Facebook/Whats App for details

Note: if for whatever reason you cannot make it, please let others know by calling/message 0773 664 0541 or better still use the NAC What’s App Group so we can draw pegs on time etc

Full results:                     Points

Ian Childerhouse             30         +5 (round)

Nathan Drewery             29         +5 (flat)

Richard Hipperson          28

Andrew Turk                   27

Roger Cunnington           26

Russell Taylor                  25

Mirka Sniegocka              24

Barry Iseton                     23

Billy Rush                         22

Ian Wells                          21         +5 (flat)

John Spalton                    20

Alan ‘Dusty’ Miller          19

Harvey Edwards              18

Andy Bunn                       17

Simon Bottomley            16

John Catchpole               15

Neil Rowe                        14

Nigel Edwards                 13

NAC Match Report Sheringham 19th October 2020

NAC Match Report Sheringham 19th October 2020  

After last weeks fish fest at Walcott, 15 very keen fisherman gathered at the Sheringham esplanade for hopefully a similar fish count and an exciting nights fishing. After some discussion it was decided to fish along the promenade with 2 -3 anglers per set of groynes up to the Lifeboat station. With High Tide expected at 21:14, anticipation was high. Would be still fishing on the cobbles/beach or fishing from the promenade. Luckily the weather was fine, a light swell on the tide so hopefully all would be able to remain on the beach.

Initial signs were that it would not be a fish fest, and the decision to score over 18cm was a good decision. In total 64 fish caught with a total weight of 32lbs (1537 weight points). In the fish haul there was a real mixture ranging from Bass, Coal Fish, Pouting, Eel, Sole, Flounder, Whiting and a couple of Rockling (see fish caught table). The largest round was shared between John Spalton (Peg 3), Andy Bunn (Peg 15), and Ian Wells (Peg 7) who all caught 40cm Bass. The largest flat caught went to Leon Smith (Peg 1) with a 34cm Sole. Please see the graph showing the peg numbers/name and weight points a useful guide to anyone fishing Sheringham promenade.

Match Result:

Winner on the night was our famous fishing drummer Ian Wells (Peg 7) with 11 fish weighing a total of 6lbs 8/16ozs (311 weight points), including a 40cm Bass. Second was Leon Smith (Peg 1) with 9 fish weighing 4lbs 7/16ozs (214 weight points), including that magnificent 34cm Sole. In third place was Nathan Drewery (Peg 2) also with 9 fish but weighing 3lbs 13ozs (182 weight points). Interesting match with a wide variety of fish caught, well done all, see you next week……stay safe.

Finally, the lucky peg draw went to Leon Smith.

Next week’s match will be at Bacton LT 22:20pm – watch out for Facebook/Whats App for details

Note: if for whatever reason you cannot make it, please let others know by calling/message 0773 664 0541 or better still use the NAC What’s App Group so we can draw pegs on time etc

Full results:                     Points

Ian Wells                          30         +5 (round)

Leon Smith                      29         +5 (flat)

Nathan Drewery             28

Russell Taylor                  27

John Spalton                    26         +5 (round)

Ian Childerhouse             25

Andy Bunn                       24         +5 (round)

John Catchpole               23

Neil Rowe                        22

Barry Ineson                    21

Richard Hipperson          20

Pete Simmonds               19

Andrew Turk                   18

Simon Bottomley            5

Chick Roper                     5

NAC Match Report Walcott 12th October 2020

NAC Match Report Walcott 12th October 2020  

With the memory of last week’s fish famine at Heacham, there was a sense of excitement to be welcomed back to Walcott. With a planned 13 fishing it was agreed to split the pegs to either side of the jetty. By 18:00 11 were ready to get cracking, however we still waited until 6:15pm for the remaining 2. In the end we decided to draw peg numbers then walk off to pegs leaving gaps for any late comers, we needed to catch the outgoing tide. Note if for whatever reason you cannot make it, please let others know by calling/message 0773 664 0541 or better still use the NAC What’s App Group all so that we can draw pegs on time etc

By 19:00pm 11 casted off. The early signs were positive with catches all along the beach. It looked like it was going to be one of those nights where everyone would catch. In fact, the famine of last week had changed to a Whiting fest.  The Whiting were coming in fast and furious with multiple doubles and trebles creating a sizeable haul. In total 292 fish caught at a weight of 83lb 1/16oz, of which 284 were whiting. The largest of which was caught by Richard Hipperson (Peg 1) of 35cm well done Richard. Of the remaining fish caught there was a Bass, and few Dabs/Flounder and a single Rockling. The largest flat went to Andy Bunn (Peg 10) with a 27cm Flounder, great result Andy. The pace was fast and furious with match cards being scored as fast as possible to keep up with the haul. No one blanked!

Match Result:

Match winner on the night was Andrew Tusk (Peg 11) with a haul of 32 fish, with total weight points of 461 points (9lb 10/16oz). Andrew just pipped by 1 weight point Ian Childerhouse who caught 34 fish earning him 460 weight points (9lb 9/16oz) for second podium spot. Third was Russell Taylor (Peg 8) with 35 fish and 454 weigh points. With only 7 points between the first 3, or a single 20cm Whiting, it was a tight match. Well done to all who fished and spending Tuesday clearing their vehicles of all the damp sand.

The lucky peg draw went to Ian Childerhouse.

Next week’s match will be at Sheringham HT 21:14pm – watch out for Facebook/Whats App for details

Full results:                     Points

Andrew Turk                   30

Ian Childerhouse             29

Russell Taylor                  28

Nathan Drewery             27

Richard Hipperson          26 + 5 round (Whiting)

Andy Bunn                       25 + 5 flat (Flounder)

John Spalton                    24

Simon Bottomley            23

John Catchpole               22

Neil Rowe                        21

Barry Iseton                     20

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